After Hours Podcast EP23: In Spencer We Trust

What’s up, folks! This week’s episode of the After Hours Podcast, Alex, Sean and Ted converge to talk bout Mercenary Kings, Infamous: Second Son, Phil Spencer’s promotion to Head of Xbox and a lot more!

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “After Hours Podcast EP23: In Spencer We Trust

    1. Hey Louis! Yeah. I’ve never cared for PC gaming. Way too high barrier of entry. I like knowing my console will run every game I buy for it out of the box with it upraised or settings.

      We are actually taking a 3 week break due to scheduling issues. It was in this podcast by I edited it out because things changed and then changed right back. Sorry!


      1. Got it, no problem, do what the crew needs to do. The reason I ask about WrestlemaniaXXX is that it was actually interesting, like media crazy and just wanted to hear the crew’s thoughts. Anyway don’t feel that you’re obligate to do the podcast, just do it if the mood is right.


      2. Actually I was discussing with Ted about doing a once a month wrestling podcast. Hopefully it will come to fruition.


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