Social Link Podcast #10: Hail Hydra!

This episode is jam-packed with Marvel goodness with lots of comic and superhero talk going on! Here’s what you’ll find in this latest and most epic close-to-2-hour episode of The Social Link Podcast!

  • Instead of starting with “What have you been playing?” we start with “What have you been watching?”
  • It was supposed to go into a full discussion of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but the best laid plans never work well.
  • If you’re curious about what we’ve been watching, we actually talk about Arrow, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, and Bates Motel.
  • We also talk about the wrestling business, specifically, Vince McMahon’s business savviness and the WWE.
  • We also introduce a brand new segment called “Drive By.” It’s a segment where I rant and talk about video games while driving. Don’t worry – I’ve been safe!
  • This episode’s “Drive By” segment will be all about my impressions of the 3DS XL!
  • We also check out Anthony’s long awaited review of Final Fantasy X HD Remastered.
  • By Anthony’s request, this is a link to his Final Fantasy X review from 2010.
  • Then we introduce another brand new segment called “Shooting From The Hip.” In this segment, we talk about our initial impressions of games we’ve played. It’s not a review, but it should give more context to our reviews by chronicling our initial impressions and how that’s changed throughout gameplay.
  • This episode’s “Shooting From The Hip” segment will be all about Bravely Default!
  • We also discuss JRPG revivals and where and who might be responsible for this. This is a subject that we’ve talked about plenty of times prior.
  • And, of course, we read listener mail!

This episode was recorded on April 10, 2014.

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #10: Hail Hydra!

  1. Iwata should take note from McManhon, at least he is willing to evolve, Iwata just to stubborn. I had a feeling when Alex talk about the 3DsXL that there was going to be problem such as Nintendo account is just “horrible”. Games should be attach to an account, not on a system, so if you want to transfer your d/l games, you have the old system first, problem with Nintendo is they don’t know how to do it. As for Bravely Default, it’s just awesome, going back to basic. Thanks for answering my question, I guess my wording is bad, I meant to say was what is your favorite videogames magazines when there were still relevant, i.e., when internet was still irrelevant. Keyword, Past Era.


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