After Hours Podcast EP24: Hot Garbage

We’re baaaaack! After a 3 week hiatus, the Gamer Horizon crew is back for another After Hours. This week Alex, Sean and Ted talk about Hearthstone, The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile, the (at the time of this recording) PSOne classics available on Vita extravaganza and a heap of gaming news!

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “After Hours Podcast EP24: Hot Garbage

  1. Nice, the end was funny, couldn’t stop laughing, I just hope Ted doesn’t have a “compulsive” problem, lol… As for the podcast, company just don’t want to get that price is a key to selling console, The only reason why the PS3 didn’t sell well is the price, that’s it, if it was cheaper, then ppl might buy it. Sooner or later MS will have to have a Kinect-less SKU, as of now, they halt production of the XB1. It’s great that PSVita is 99% bk compatible, now it need s UMD slot.


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