Social Link Podcast #22: Explosions, explosions, explosions

In this special episode of the Social Link Podcast, we talk about LEGOs, Michael Bay, movies, and oh – video games! We had lots of fun making this episode and we hope you enjoy listening to it!

  • We start off the show with… LEGOs.
  • We talk about Michael Bay movies.
  • We also talk about comic book movies.
  • We talk about Alien films. You’re probably wondering as of this point, “Where are the video games?!”
  • …and a brief segment involving Alien Isolation.
  • …and a weird transition to Persona 4. Lots of Persona 4 talking.
  • We talk about LGBTQ representation in gaming.
  • The return of the mailbag!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at!

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #22: Explosions, explosions, explosions

  1. Darn it, more persona talk is making me want to play P4Golden, but then there are no PSVita Slim at the moment, lol. Anyway I agree that Nintendo is still out of touch that watching games is not fun, that is like saying our Nintendo fans don’t like online, yes, stoopid, and if Little Big Planet Mario Edition doesn’t have online, that is going to be the most stoopid thing they done. As for Twitch it look fun to do, but my computer is too old and weak.


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