PlayStation Plus Update for 3/19/13: The Cave, Tekken 6

Two games see a free release today from PlayStation Plus. Recent release The Cave from Double Fine, and the PSP version of Tekken 6, which is compatible with the Vita.

The Cave is an adventure game with platforming elements, and it was produced by legendary developer Ron Gilbert. You can read our review of The Cave here.

The PSP version of Tekken 6 is an admirable port, with all 40 characters playable. It’ll run on your Vita, but if you are rocking a PSP, you’ll still be able to get this title for free.

There’s also discounts on the PlayStation 3 and the Vita versions of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken. PlayStation Plus members get the game at 40% off, making it $7.19 for PlayStation 3, and $5.99 for Vita.

The new Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational DLC will be on sale as well. PlayStation Plus members get the entire DLC set for $8.99, a savings of 25%. You’ll get 3 new golf courses, and 3 new characters, including Kat from Gravity Rush.

Leaving PlayStation Plus tomorrow will be Foosball 2012, Dungeon Defenders, and the discounts on Bit Trip Presents RUNNER2 Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien and the Ubisoft publisher sale.


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