What If… Xbox One Was A Girl?

Let’s face it: Ever since we all saw the Xbox One being unveiled a few weeks back, a bunch of us gamers, including some of us on the site, can’t stop talking about the frou-frou that happened with the messaging tied with the platform’s handling of used games. Of course, there’s a lot of other things you can identify that went wrong with that Xbox One event, but imagine my surprise when I started talking to other people who don’t follow gaming sites who were actually optimistic about the new platform. While I don’t blame them for missing some of the details, I fear that only when they get the platform will they actually realize all of the things that were hidden from them.

I think that’s why the folks over at IFHT made this video… in order to not only tell us who are in the know that, “We feel your pain,” but also to send a clear message about the things that were announced that some of these other gamers might take for granted. The end result is something pretty entertaining and, at least in the intro, titillating. Enjoy!

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