Harmonix’s new game is called Fantasia: Music Evolved

For the past day or so, Harmonix was teasing that they were going to be announcing a brand new title today. Well, they broke their silence this morning… pretty damn early, if I do say so myself (damn east coasters)… and the announcement is as surprising as anything anyone could have even guessed.

Harmonix and Disney Interactive have announced a brand new partnership to bring the Fantasia brand to video games.

Yep, you read that right. Fantasia. The new title, in fact, is called Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Now, before you start dreaming of conducting Mickey with your own orchestra with a bunch of brooms carrying buckets of water to the tune of Skrillex, think again. The screenshots below depict absolutely nothing of the sort, but the accompanying trailer does hint at giving you the ability to control the music and gameplay similar to Harmonix’s previous effort, Dance Central.

In a press release we received from Disney Interactive this morning, Fantasia: Music Evolved will have songs from over 25 different artists, each with two remixes in addition to the original studio recording. The first five songs were also revealed:

  • AVICII – “Levels”
  • Bruno Mars – “Locked Out of Heaven”
  • Fun – “Some Nights”
  • Kimbra – “Settle Down”
  • Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I’ll be the first to admit and say that I had to plug in some of these songs on Spotify to even know how they sound like, specifically the Bruno Mars and Kimbra songs, since I’m a dork/nerd like that, and I have to say that the song list is starting off promising. Harmonix also cleared up in a tweet this morning that the game “will feature classical music alongside these contemporary hits.”

Now, this wouldn’t be a Disney title if this didn’t have a very Disney-esque premise. You’ve been chosen by sorcerer Yen Sid (note: That’s actually Disney spelled backwards) to “hone your musical and magical prowess as is new apprentice.” No additional details have been revealed in terms of how comprehensive this story is going to affect the gameplay, but color me interested nonetheless.

The best part about this whole thing? You don’t need a brand new Xbox One to experience this new, err, experience. Fantasia: Music Evolved will be available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, requiring the Kinect, and is scheduled to come out in 2014. Check out the screenshots and trailer below before you check out!

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Fantasia: Music EvolvedFantasia: Music Evolved

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