E3 2013: EA Press Conference: The Download

Hi everyone! We’re here at the EA Press Conference, The Download, to see what they’ve got in store for us in the next generation! We’ll be updating this page throughout the hour, and it will automatically refresh every minute, so stay tuned!

1:55: New Mirror’s Edge game! “Coming… when it’s ready.”

1:54: Okay, they just went up an elevator in a skyscraper and are shooting at units on the ground. They parachuted out! The WHOLE BUILDING IS COMING DOWN!!!!

1:52: C4 or a Tank can really change the map.

1:51: Pretty amazing destructible environments!

1:49: The framerate looks solid!

1:48: 64 players are on stage to play the game live right now!

1:47: Commander mode gives the commander a bird’s eye view of the battlefield.

1:46: DICE presenting Battlefield 4.

1:45: UFC, Spring 2014.

1:41: UFC time. Ted is flipping out.

1:40: Coming this Fall to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Playable on E3 show floor.

1:38: Ignite will power the stadiums and crowds in the game. Players have “Pro Instincts” and can make intelligent decisions with 4 times more calculations per second. Players will move with precision.

1:37: Fifa 14 announced.

1:36: They are now previewing a new Fifa title with some player interviews.

1:35: The character models look good, but they’ve got some framerate issues to work out.

1:34: Here comes a trailer.

1:32: That’s some fancy footwork.

1:32: Madden NFL 25 announced.

1:30: Players stats will be updated within hours of a real game.

1:29: Next generation technology, bounceTek, will power dribbling in NBA Live 14. In previous games the ball was tied to the player’s hand. Now, the ball is separated from the hand and ruled by physics in every animation.

1:27: For NBA Live 14 Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers is speaking. It’s an exclusive for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

1:26: EA Sports montage.

1:25: Dragon Age: Inquisition announced for Fall of 2014. First trailer: The Fires Above.

1:17: Can be played single player, but designed to really innovate in the online arena.

1:17: Need For Speed: For Rivals announced.

1:16: Star Wars Battlefront is back!!!

1:15: EA Sports Ignite and Frostebite 3, EA’s new engines, will power the upcoming games

1:13: The two factions will have two different play-styles. Each faction is like “it’s own game.”

1:11: Titanfall for Spring 2014 is on screen. Behind the scenes clips playing.

1:10: Peggle 2 announced!

1:09: Disco zombie. Complete with disco ball in the auditorium.

1:07: It appears all of the plants can walk.

1:05: Seems quite like Dungeon Defenders! A player is controlling a pea-shooter!

1:05: Includes 4-player cooperative survival mode.

1:04: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare! Looks surprisingly intense. 3rd person action title by Popcap!

1:03: NBA Live is coming back.

1:02: The whole show will be PS4 and Xbox One games.

1:02: Here comes Peter Moore.

1:00: The show’s starting!

0 thoughts on “E3 2013: EA Press Conference: The Download

    1. They didn’t have anything Nintendo related AT ALL! Before the conference even started, we were told, “This show will be all about PS4 and Xbox One games.”


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