E3 2013: Sony Press Conference

Hi everyone! We’ll be liveblogging the E3 2013 Sony press conference! Will we get a price? Will we see the system? Any new details about Gaikai streaming? We’ll be updating this page throughout the hour, and it will automatically refresh every minute, so stay tuned!

8:03: Looks like we’re wrapping it up. Thanks for joining us!


8:01: This is the backwards compatibility announcement: 2014, it will be a cloud service available to PS3, PS4, and then Vita. PS3 games will be streamed over the network. This sounds like a separate subscription service. No word on PS2 or PS1 titles.

8:00: Talking about Gaikai now. Guess Destiny wasn’t the end.

7:57: Public Event, you say. Okay, this is different.

7:53: In all honesty, this doesn’t seem like anything new.

7:52: So far, this looks like a team-based co-op shooter. Which I guess is a genre now.

7:51: This just showed up on twitter:

7:48: Well, this looks like an FPS. Looks like there might be some tech difficulties. There’s supposed to be more people here in this party?

7:47: Looks like we’ll be closing with Destiny.

7:46: Don’t Starve, Secret Ponchos, and Outlast will also be free on Instant Game Collection.

7:45: DriveClub will be free on Day 1 for PS Plus. Called the DriveClub PS Plus Edition. Which I guess means we don’t get everything?

7:44: PlayStation Plus will work on PlayStation 4. No new subscription required. …what the… Immersive Multiplayer Online? Confirmed, PS4 online is now behind paywall. Free ride is over.

7:43: DIRECT SHOTS FIRED AT MICROSOFT. “Don’t need to phone home every 24 hours.”


7:41: PS4 games work like every other game ever before, ever. “SONY” chants. Seriously.



7:40: Jack Tretton coming out again. 140 PS4 games in development.

7:39: Mad Max? There’s a post-apocalyptic universe for you. WB publishing, and Avalanche is developing. Exclusive goodies for PlayStation players.

7:38: World premiere time. Looks like a post-apocalyptic universe.

7:35: The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PlayStation 4 Spring 2014. The beta will be out first on PS4.

7:34: NBA2K showing off in-engine footage. Showing off LeBron, of course, since he’s the game’s showcase player.

7:33: PlayStation gamers will get an additional mission for Watch_Dogs.

7:31: Some other player is helping Aiden using their tablet. This is something.

7:28: Now he’s been caught by a helicopter. Chase is on! He hacks a gate to escape, pulling his car off the road.

7:27: Aiden has to get to a destination without getting spotted by the police. He cuts the lights on his car when the heat gets close.

7:24: I guess we had some technical issues at the end there? Not sure. Moving on to Watch_Dogs.

7:23: Looks like you’ll be doing some more naval battles in AC4. These look even more fun.

7:18: Now, some time with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the first time the game’s been played realtime.

7:17: KINGDOM HEARTS 3. FINALLY. Both of these titles coming to PS4. Final Fantasy 14 will be coming to PS3 and PS4 as well, and no other consoles.

7:16: New Kingdom Hearts title?!

7:15: Versus 13 is now FINAL FANTASY 15.

7:14: I have no idea what genre this is. This is clearly a PS4 title, though.

7:12: This is a Final Fantasy Versus 13 trailer. Just saying that out loud.


7:11: Square Enix time. We gonna get some news?!

7:11: If you forgot, Diablo 3 is coming to PS3 and PS4. The PlayStation versions will have exclusive items.

7:10: Galax-Z, from the makers of Skulls of the Shogun. All the games were demoed by the indie teams themselves on stage.

7:09: Ray’s The Dead, and Outlast, and a new Oddworld Title! These indie titles are coming quickly, one after another.

7:08: A twin stick shooter, Secret Ponchos, looks good.


7:07: Don’t Starve is coming to PlayStation 4. HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE. Mercenary Kings, an 8 and 16 bit themed shooter.

7:05: Transistor, their next title, is making its console debut on PlayStation 4.

7:04: Supergiant games is coming out now! They made Bastion, if you forgot.

7:03: Talking about indie developers now. Adam Boyes is coming to brief us.

7:01: Ha, nice swerve. That was kind of fun.

7:00: Oh hey! That creepy old guy.

6:59: 12 minute technical demo from Quantic Dream, showing off the PS4. This is running in real time. We’re going to see a snippet.

6:58 Killzone, Knack, and DriveClub are launch titles. Infamous Second Son will release in Q1 2014.

6:57: Now we’re seeing Knack. A much deeper look at this title, albeit brief.

6:56: Showing some story mode from Infamous: Second Son, followed by gameplay. Like the game’s attitude and character.

6:55: Moving on to DriveClub. Getting the feeling it’s a bit more arcadey than Gran Turismo.

6:54: We’re seeing some new footage from Killzone Shadow Fall.

6:53: Updates on the titles announced in February. We can see them on Sony’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

6:52: These are very steampunky guns and I love it. The game is called The Order 1886.

6:51: This trailer is entirely in-engine. Forgot to mention that, because I forgot it was. It looks that good.

6:50: Santa Monica Studios and Ready At Dawn showing off a Medieval game of sorts. Oh wait, this is some weird hybrid airship world. I love it.

6:49: 30 first party games in development, 20 scheduled to release in the system’s first year. 12 will be brand new IP’s.

6:48: Shuhei Yoshida is out now to talk about PS4 games. He is very giddy.

6:47: Flixster coming to PlayStation 3 and 4, which is good because that’s where all my digital copies of the movies I get go.

6:46: Redbox Instant coming to PlayStation platforms, including Vita. Still waiting on Hulu for Vita, though. Live events viewer will offer Pay Per View events too.

6:45: Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services will be available on Day 1 for PlayStation 4.

6:44: Brand new original programming plan for PlayStation Network. Like… The Tester? That was SOOOOOO much fun.

6:43: “We make Community and Breaking Bad.” Audience pop.

6:41: CEO of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton. Is Sony finally figuring out they have all these media divisions they can combine?

6:40: It’s very shiny in this light. I didn’t get a very long look at it? It’s a perfectly fine chassis.

6:39: It looks… wow. It’s fine? 2 USB ports on the front. Nice looking, but dang if it immediately reminds me of the Xbox One.


6:37: Moving on to PlayStation 4. Andrew House coming out to talk about it.

6:36: $299 for a new GTA5 PS3 bundle September 17, and a new Pulse Headset branded with GTA5

6:35: Exclusive to PS3: Nightfall DLC outfits and 1960’s TV Batman skins.

6:33: Now a trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins.

6:30: Gran Turismo 6. You uhh… race cars. Looks fantastic.

6:29: Beyond Two Souls looks good. This is a different side of the game. Emphasizing Jodie Holmes military training?

6:28: I don’t recognize this title right away, but it looks beautiful. A lonely ghost in a rainy world? Oh, this is rain. The name of the game is “rain”.

6:27: Obviously starting with The Last Of Us. Now moving on to Puppeteer.

6:26: Moving on to PlayStation 3. Claiming an amazing upcoming lineup.

6:25: Reiterating that Vita will be able to use Remote Play to play PS4 games.

6:24: New Walking Dead episode, 400 Days, coming to Vita, and a new Vita bundle will include the complete first season.

6:23: Batman Arkham Origins for Vita, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway among 85 titles coming in 2013 to Vita. God of War 1 and 2 getting Vita releases, along with Flower and Dead Nation.

6:22: 60% of Vita software purchases made through the PSN store.

6:21: We’ll be hearing about Vita to start.

6:20: The 40 fans who got into the conference apparently started lining up last Friday.

6:19: Jack Tretton starts us off.

6:18: Opening montage showing PlayStation 4 launch titles, and some PS3 titles too.

6:17: Lights out, opening video package. Here we go.

6:15: Looks like we’ll be getting underway in just a minute.

6:10: While we wait, today’s beverage choice is flavored sparkling water.

6:06: Guess we’re starting a little late.

6:01: A video package is starting off, talking about how important it is to easily develop and publish, without boundaries.

5:55: The pre-show is wrapping up after talking up the success of The Last Of Us.

0 thoughts on “E3 2013: Sony Press Conference

  1. Best conference ever, it was worth watching. They answered the important questions and gamers are happy, but for businesses, I can see this might be a little bit problematic. Best part is Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, finally, fans can now stop asking. IMO, they offered better games than MS. Sony just made me happy.


    1. As you can tell by the comments below, I was THRILLED to see FFXV and KHIII, but was a bit disappointed at the lack of RPG elements in FFXV. I’m already wondering about the inevitable FFXVI as a result.


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