E3 2013: Sony Press Conference

Hi everyone! We’ll be liveblogging the E3 2013 Sony press conference! Will we get a price? Will we see the system? Any new details about Gaikai streaming? We’ll be updating this page throughout the hour, and it will automatically refresh every minute, so stay tuned!

8:03: Looks like we’re wrapping it up. Thanks for joining us!


8:01: This is the backwards compatibility announcement: 2014, it will be a cloud service available to PS3, PS4, and then Vita. PS3 games will be streamed over the network. This sounds like a separate subscription service. No word on PS2 or PS1 titles.

8:00: Talking about Gaikai now. Guess Destiny wasn’t the end.

7:57: Public Event, you say. Okay, this is different.

7:53: In all honesty, this doesn’t seem like anything new.

7:52: So far, this looks like a team-based co-op shooter. Which I guess is a genre now.

7:51: This just showed up on twitter:

7:48: Well, this looks like an FPS. Looks like there might be some tech difficulties. There’s supposed to be more people here in this party?

7:47: Looks like we’ll be closing with Destiny.

7:46: Don’t Starve, Secret Ponchos, and Outlast will also be free on Instant Game Collection.

7:45: DriveClub will be free on Day 1 for PS Plus. Called the DriveClub PS Plus Edition. Which I guess means we don’t get everything?

7:44: PlayStation Plus will work on PlayStation 4. No new subscription required. …what the… Immersive Multiplayer Online? Confirmed, PS4 online is now behind paywall. Free ride is over.

7:43: DIRECT SHOTS FIRED AT MICROSOFT. “Don’t need to phone home every 24 hours.”


7:41: PS4 games work like every other game ever before, ever. “SONY” chants. Seriously.



7:40: Jack Tretton coming out again. 140 PS4 games in development.

7:39: Mad Max? There’s a post-apocalyptic universe for you. WB publishing, and Avalanche is developing. Exclusive goodies for PlayStation players.

7:38: World premiere time. Looks like a post-apocalyptic universe.

7:35: The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PlayStation 4 Spring 2014. The beta will be out first on PS4.

7:34: NBA2K showing off in-engine footage. Showing off LeBron, of course, since he’s the game’s showcase player.

7:33: PlayStation gamers will get an additional mission for Watch_Dogs.

7:31: Some other player is helping Aiden using their tablet. This is something.

7:28: Now he’s been caught by a helicopter. Chase is on! He hacks a gate to escape, pulling his car off the road.

7:27: Aiden has to get to a destination without getting spotted by the police. He cuts the lights on his car when the heat gets close.

7:24: I guess we had some technical issues at the end there? Not sure. Moving on to Watch_Dogs.

7:23: Looks like you’ll be doing some more naval battles in AC4. These look even more fun.

7:18: Now, some time with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the first time the game’s been played realtime.

7:17: KINGDOM HEARTS 3. FINALLY. Both of these titles coming to PS4. Final Fantasy 14 will be coming to PS3 and PS4 as well, and no other consoles.

7:16: New Kingdom Hearts title?!

7:15: Versus 13 is now FINAL FANTASY 15.

7:14: I have no idea what genre this is. This is clearly a PS4 title, though.

7:12: This is a Final Fantasy Versus 13 trailer. Just saying that out loud.


7:11: Square Enix time. We gonna get some news?!

7:11: If you forgot, Diablo 3 is coming to PS3 and PS4. The PlayStation versions will have exclusive items.

7:10: Galax-Z, from the makers of Skulls of the Shogun. All the games were demoed by the indie teams themselves on stage.

7:09: Ray’s The Dead, and Outlast, and a new Oddworld Title! These indie titles are coming quickly, one after another.

7:08: A twin stick shooter, Secret Ponchos, looks good.


7:07: Don’t Starve is coming to PlayStation 4. HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE. Mercenary Kings, an 8 and 16 bit themed shooter.

7:05: Transistor, their next title, is making its console debut on PlayStation 4.

7:04: Supergiant games is coming out now! They made Bastion, if you forgot.

7:03: Talking about indie developers now. Adam Boyes is coming to brief us.

7:01: Ha, nice swerve. That was kind of fun.

7:00: Oh hey! That creepy old guy.

6:59: 12 minute technical demo from Quantic Dream, showing off the PS4. This is running in real time. We’re going to see a snippet.

6:58 Killzone, Knack, and DriveClub are launch titles. Infamous Second Son will release in Q1 2014.

6:57: Now we’re seeing Knack. A much deeper look at this title, albeit brief.

6:56: Showing some story mode from Infamous: Second Son, followed by gameplay. Like the game’s attitude and character.

6:55: Moving on to DriveClub. Getting the feeling it’s a bit more arcadey than Gran Turismo.

6:54: We’re seeing some new footage from Killzone Shadow Fall.

6:53: Updates on the titles announced in February. We can see them on Sony’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

6:52: These are very steampunky guns and I love it. The game is called The Order 1886.

6:51: This trailer is entirely in-engine. Forgot to mention that, because I forgot it was. It looks that good.

6:50: Santa Monica Studios and Ready At Dawn showing off a Medieval game of sorts. Oh wait, this is some weird hybrid airship world. I love it.

6:49: 30 first party games in development, 20 scheduled to release in the system’s first year. 12 will be brand new IP’s.

6:48: Shuhei Yoshida is out now to talk about PS4 games. He is very giddy.

6:47: Flixster coming to PlayStation 3 and 4, which is good because that’s where all my digital copies of the movies I get go.

6:46: Redbox Instant coming to PlayStation platforms, including Vita. Still waiting on Hulu for Vita, though. Live events viewer will offer Pay Per View events too.

6:45: Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services will be available on Day 1 for PlayStation 4.

6:44: Brand new original programming plan for PlayStation Network. Like… The Tester? That was SOOOOOO much fun.

6:43: “We make Community and Breaking Bad.” Audience pop.

6:41: CEO of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton. Is Sony finally figuring out they have all these media divisions they can combine?

6:40: It’s very shiny in this light. I didn’t get a very long look at it? It’s a perfectly fine chassis.

6:39: It looks… wow. It’s fine? 2 USB ports on the front. Nice looking, but dang if it immediately reminds me of the Xbox One.


6:37: Moving on to PlayStation 4. Andrew House coming out to talk about it.

6:36: $299 for a new GTA5 PS3 bundle September 17, and a new Pulse Headset branded with GTA5

6:35: Exclusive to PS3: Nightfall DLC outfits and 1960’s TV Batman skins.

6:33: Now a trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins.

6:30: Gran Turismo 6. You uhh… race cars. Looks fantastic.

6:29: Beyond Two Souls looks good. This is a different side of the game. Emphasizing Jodie Holmes military training?

6:28: I don’t recognize this title right away, but it looks beautiful. A lonely ghost in a rainy world? Oh, this is rain. The name of the game is “rain”.

6:27: Obviously starting with The Last Of Us. Now moving on to Puppeteer.

6:26: Moving on to PlayStation 3. Claiming an amazing upcoming lineup.

6:25: Reiterating that Vita will be able to use Remote Play to play PS4 games.

6:24: New Walking Dead episode, 400 Days, coming to Vita, and a new Vita bundle will include the complete first season.

6:23: Batman Arkham Origins for Vita, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway among 85 titles coming in 2013 to Vita. God of War 1 and 2 getting Vita releases, along with Flower and Dead Nation.

6:22: 60% of Vita software purchases made through the PSN store.

6:21: We’ll be hearing about Vita to start.

6:20: The 40 fans who got into the conference apparently started lining up last Friday.

6:19: Jack Tretton starts us off.

6:18: Opening montage showing PlayStation 4 launch titles, and some PS3 titles too.

6:17: Lights out, opening video package. Here we go.

6:15: Looks like we’ll be getting underway in just a minute.

6:10: While we wait, today’s beverage choice is flavored sparkling water.

6:06: Guess we’re starting a little late.

6:01: A video package is starting off, talking about how important it is to easily develop and publish, without boundaries.

5:55: The pre-show is wrapping up after talking up the success of The Last Of Us.

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