Persona Weather app tells you the weather, Social Link status

As far as Persona games go, I’m probably one of the biggest fans of Persona 4 in our entire crew. I’ve played through Persona 4 back when it was released on the PlayStation 2 and again when it was re-released as an enhanced version on the Vita last year, as Persona 4 Golden. I’ve also dabbed in Persona 4 Arena and have spent countless hours trying to learn the gameplay, but failed repeatedly. When Atlus announced that they had an anime based on the series called Persona 4 Animation, I watched the whole thing and have contemplated owning the series just to see the True Ending. I even have a Teddy PVC figure.

Persona WeatherSo imagine my surprise today when I found out that someone had made an unofficial Persona iOS app that tells you the weather and – get this – tracks Social Links on the app as well. There seems to be a meta game element involved with the Social Links, with one level of Social Links being added every time you encounter a character in the app, but if the app’s description is any indication, it’s so much more than just a typical iOS weather app.

Granted, the app isn’t entirely Persona 4 based, but the menus are definitely inspired by that specific game in the series. Opening the app up for the first time displayed an ugly mug of King Moron, immediately followed by Naoto Shirogane telling me that his sleuthing informs him that Santa Monica’s current temperature and conditions are a “Cloudy 64°F”, after which, the song “Your Affection” plays. So much fan service!

If you want to check out the app, it’s currently free on iTunes and the developer says that the app’s achievements aren’t working… as if you need achievements for checking weather.


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